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Issues: Auto • Water & Utilities • Ending Poverty • Healthcare • Justice • Immigration • Corporations • Vision of a New America

The once heavily industrialized midwest — now called the Rust Belt — is a harbinger of the future for all of America if people do not act. The struggles developing in this part of the country — in auto, for water and utilities, for healthcare, for justice and for government to nationalize the corporations in the interests of the public — hold lessons for us all. Invite speakers to your campus today!
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Claire McClinton — water warrior, former autoworker and community leader

Claire McClinton, born and raised in Flint, Michigan, UAW retiree, and in the thick of the battle for safe, clean water for all, brings analysis of what the poisoning of a city's water and people means for the entire country. She discusses the underlying conditions that have given rise to this crime--the profound changes in the economy that have devastated former industrial cities, and the fascist model of dictatorship in Michigan that has made the poisoning possible. Claire discusses the kind of new society that there could be if the new technology that is today displacing so many workers is used for everyone's benefit.

Maureen Taylor — water, utilities, struggle to end poverty

Maureen D. Taylor, Chair of the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization, has been in the front lines of the struggle of the poor for decades. Today, she is in the forefront of the fight to stop water shutoffs of tens of thousands of families in Detroit, MI. Maureen asks what kind of society allows people to go without water, food, or homes? She brings an understanding of the underlying cause of the destruction of so many lives of the poor and the solution.

Marian Kramerwater, utilities, struggle to end poverty

Marian Kramer, co-chair of the National Welfare Rights Union, has been in the front lines of the welfare and civil rights movement since its origin in the 1960s. Today, she is a leader in the fight to turn water back on for over thousands of homes in Detroit. She, along with others, was recently arrested for disorderly contact while attempting to block city trucks from turning off people's water. For decades Marian has defended poor women and families against unjust prosecution for "welfare fraud"; and led electoral campaigns to elect the victims of poverty to political office.

Liz Miller producer of the documentary, "The Water Front"

Liz Miller is a film-maker who produced, "The Water Front." a a new documentary film about the Highland Park, Michigan struggle for water. The Water Front was screened at Ecofest in Greece and won the "Water Award." It was promoted with these words: "Water is not only an issue affecting poor countries. Everywhere in the world, people are facing a diversity of difficulties in accessing water. Film showings are available.

Rev. Edward Pinkney— justice

Rev. Edward Pinkney is a leader in the struggle for justice in Benton Harbor, Michigan, and against the Whirlpool Corporation’s takeover of the town. Whirlpool and the developers plan to turn the town’s lakefront property into a playground for the rich.  Rev. Pinkney led a successful and highly contested recall campaign of a city councilman who favored Whirlpool's plans. The vote was thrown out and Pinkney was later convicted of voter fraud by an all-white jury. He speaks on the criminalization of the poor, the struggle for justice and the corporations.

Pastor Mary Gault — for utility rights and justice

Mary Gault is a pastor in the Battle Creek, Michigan area. She is a leader in the struggle to end poverty, for utility rights and justice. She says, "I know people that live in homes without heat. The energy companies claim huge profits and people are freezing. If we can organize, then we can make a better world. People need to see that we all share common problems and can solve them together."

Elena M. Herrada immigration rights

Elena M. Herrada is the Director of Centro Obero in Detroit, Michigan, a journalist and activist.


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